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     I would 100% recommend the cleaners from Greenwich Cleaning Company. They are really efficient, friendly and clearly know what they're doing. My home has never been so clean.
Ingrid Powell19/05/2020
     The quality of work and perfect service that you get cannot be beaten!
Ashley V19/09/2019
     I just switched from our old cleaners to Greenwich Cleaners. I wish I would have done this ages ago. The office cleaning we have now compared to a few months ago is like night and day! This company is also a much more cost-effective service, and they routinely have special offer deals available. I am very happy with the level of professionalism, follow through, and attention to detail. It's a great investment for any business owner who needs their office to make a positive statement!
Sarah C.28/07/2017
     I've moved into my new home recently and I wanted to deep clean the whole place, including the carpets and the windows. Greenwich Cleaners did a wonderful job! The crew went above and beyond to ensure that the place was sparkling clean. They paid extra attention to the often neglected areas and tackled everything very professionally. I will definitely have them back in soon.
Helen 21/07/2016
     What a great job GreenwichCarpetCleaning did when I needed oven cleaning. I didn't like this job at all, and my friend suggested this company as she had hired them and was very happy with their work. I also got great results, and the service didn't cost a lot either. Actually, I am going to make sure I keep up with this service as it saved me time and it is lovely to have a hygienically clean oven to cook in!
Anna S.13/01/2016
     After looking after my niece and nephew for a few weeks, my sofa had taken quite a beating. Food stains and general dirt from kids had left it with some stains. I should have been more proactive and cleaned them straight away, but by the time I got around to it the stains were too inbuilt. Thankfully, Greenwich Cleaning Company was able to send me a sofa cleaning professional. By the time they were done, my sofa looked like it had been bought back to life.
Ethan M.24/03/2015
     It's a nice thing to be able to trust your cleaning company with handling all of the stains which your party guests make. I've know this trick for a while now, so that I know if people will be coming round and drinking wine on my carpets, there's going to be some issues. This used to be a bit of a problem, but now that Greenwich Cleaning Company know where I live, I can just call them up and have my carpets back to their best. Really rather excellent.
Elvira E.07/01/2015
     I take my hat off to Greenwich Cleaning Company! Not only are they cheaper than the last service I was using but they're a lot more personable too. I run a small bakery and was doing most of the cleaning myself trying to keep costs down, but let me tell you - If you need professional cleaners, give this business a call! The long hours get to me as much as the next person, and the bad weather, economy and stuff... So it really helps to work with decent people. This is exactly what this company is. Decent people. Good work. No messing about!
     I spend very little time in my house because I'm always out at work or with my friends. This means that I don't really bother to clean up, which means that the mess really started to build up. This became a problematic though when I started having people come to the house and the mess was embarrassing me. I decided the easiest solution was to call up Greenwich Cleaning Company and I never regretted that decision. They cleaned up faster than I could comprehend and made my house look a lot better. Thanks to them, I may start inviting people around more often!
Angelina Madison20/06/2014
     This is a cleaning company that I'd recommend to anyone who wants to have their home professionally cleaned. I first hired the company to clean my carpets, and their carpet cleaning service was so amazing that I just had to try their home cleaning services too! Greenwich Cleaning Company have done a really great job cleaning my house, and every week they just seem to get better and better. My house looks beautiful, and even the backs of the radiators and picture rails gets a proper dust and scrub! I'd never be able to get my home looking as clean as my professional cleaner does!
     Cleaning is quite a personal process for most people, and I am no different. I like things done a particular way, so when my husband suggested getting in a cleaning company to free up a little time I was sceptical, but went with it. When Greenwich Cleaning Company arrive to clean our home for the first time they were extremely accommodating of my needs, and went about their work exactly as I wanted them to. Let's just say I was impressed! They now clean our home on a regular basis, and my husband and I really do have a lot more free time. Recommended.
Mrs. Hardaway03/12/2013

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