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Enjoy the Scenery in Deptford, SE8

Deptford is located in the south east part of London, with part of it within the London Borough of Lewisham, and another part within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Between the 16th and 19th century, the area was famous for housing the Deptford Dockyard, which was the first-ever Royal Navy Dockyard.

The dockyard completely closed in 2000 when the last of the docks was closed, but it is still mostly associated with the Royal Docks as it was the main source of finance for the area – when the docks were doing well, so was the town. With the closing of the docks, the town is now relying on its industrial development to carry it and the gentrification processes that will see over 3000 new homes built there.

There are of course places for rest, relaxation and entertainment as well. You have the Albany Theatre arts centre that will bring out plays and concerts for those wishing the latter. Then there is also the Art in Perpetuity Trust gallery with its many displays for the lovers of art. And there are seven parks in Deptford for all those who love strolls in nature – they will love to walk down Deptford Park, Brookmill Park and Sayes Court Park.

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